• Do you have a need for group calendaring?
  • Are you tired of missing appointments?
  • Do you need to schedule appointments for other members of your team?
  • Do you want reporting based on appointment type and category
  • Are the free calendar options you have tried falling short?

Try our Group Scheduling and Collaboration tools today.

Small groups, looking to share calendars, delegated tasks/appts,
Price/ Value: MS365 is $5/user, Google is free for personal $5/user for group

Calendar sharing is an essential element for productivity in a group or team. Understanding who is available, when resources are available, and when external contacts need to be invited to appointments can be accomplished with PlanPlus Online.

  • View other Users’ Calendars
  • Color-Code Appointments
  • Create Multiple Calendar Sharing Groups
  • Personal Page that allows you to share your Calendar with the world and allow external web visitors to request appointments during your available times